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The Rhodesia section of this website includes an extensive range of material from early to modern, we are specialists in this area and offer rare and unusual items including Essays - Proofs - Colour Trials - Die Proofs - Specimens - Stamps - Booklets
Varieties range from the mundane to absolute unique rarities
Fiscals - Revenues and Documents are also included

Postmarks - Postal Stationery & Postal History - Postage Dues are subjects we favour and there is an extensive range on offer

Anything unusual or different is a speciality, the sort of material that can turn an average collection into an interesting one. This website has a vast range of items, we own many desirable items that have not been on offer, just because you do not see a certain piece you seek it does not follow that we do not have one

Major Varieties

Next Edition No 14 - Feb 2020

Next Edition No 47 - Feb 2020
128 Page PDF to view
Mafia Island

East Africa - BEA - KUT
British East Africa Our selection of stamps starts with a Great Britain overprint, Arms Issues, BEA overprints, the Queen Victoria Specimens and later high values plus a range of Zanzibar overprints.

Uganda Some Queen Victoria stamps mint and used to 5r plus Post Independence issues

Tanganyika We have a limited number of of items from German East Africa, Mafia Island, Nyasaland Field Force and Zanzibar.
Tanganyika G.E.A. overprints to 50r, Giraffe and KGV issue to £1 and post Independence sets

East Africa and Uganda KEVII high values, KGV to 20r and the K.U.T. 1922 £50 unmounted mint. A good range of KGVI and QEII definitives, Postage Dues and Officials - A Selection of Die Proofs are available - Postal History includes some rare Postage Due covers
Post Marks - An extensive A to Z offering including KGV, KGVI and QEII

Southern Rhodesia
King George V Philately

By Otto Peetoom

Fifteen Chapters, 208 Pages, Over 900 Illustrations, A4 Size, Full Colour

Chapters 1 to 3 - Early History, The lead up to Self Government,
Continued use of the BSAC Admirals

Chapters 4 to 10 - The 1924 - 35 Stamp issues in depth,
including Archival Material and Varieties - Chapter 11 - Booklets

Chapters 12 & 13 - Perfins, Sample Stamps, Revenues, Postal Stationery,
Post Offices (opened & closed) Postal Rates

Chapters 14 & 15 - Early Aviation, TPO’s, Postal History

Retail Price £30
Trade Discount & Wholesale Price available

Postage & Packing - Inland No Charge
Wholesale plus P&P

Overseas - Substantial discount over cost
Europe £4.50, Zone 1 £8, Zone 2 £8.60

Register your interest now with Otto Peetoom

Research is a favourite pastime and our own publication The Rhodesian Philatelist was first published in 1993.

I wrote a book on the
Northern Rhodesia Mkushi Postage Dues and the renamed Old Mkushi Post Office

An ongoing project was King George V Philately of Southern Rhodesia.
It has over 200 pages and is the most comprehensive book on the subject. It includes updated versions of my previous articles and research plus several sections not published before, a lifetime of work and dedication has been put into this effort.

Africa Philately

Available Now

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